Living Art -The Number 1 South West UK Tattoo Studio - Bringing the Tattoo community of Plymouth to the Highstreet!


Living Art - The number 1 South West UK tattoo studio


Living Art Tattoo has been successfully running now for 10 long years. We are the biggest studio in Plymouth, with one of the best followings from our outstanding number of clients we tattoo, day in day out, 6 days a week.

Our tattooists have up to 21 years experience, working with both old and new styles of tattooing. We specialise in all styles, including; Old school, Tribal, Portraits, Polynesian, Full colour, Black and grey and Floral for all the ladies out there. All we have to do is match your vision to the right tattooist!

become a fashion over the years, starting out as icons of smaller cult groups to becoming one of the most read about and watched Arts of the decade.

So pop down to Living Art, we will offer our honest advice about what tattoos to get and where the best place is to get them.

We are not money grabbing, so if we think an idea might not work out, we will work our hardest to combine your needs with our professional guide, to come up with something both amazing and affordable.


Remember that a tattoo is for life, so make the right choice with the people who know best..Living Art, the number 1 UK tattoo studio!